Electronic gadgets useful for motorcycle adventure travel


Garmin Montana 600

This is the GPS I'm currently using for adventure moto travel. So far it has been an excellent GPS receiver with all the bells and whistles one needs. Make sure you are using the latest operating system as this device is still being updated frequently.

You will need the Garmin rugged mount for your moto too

Garmin Rugged Mount for the Montana GPS

This is the rugged mount for the Montana GPS. It has all wiring needed to supply power to the GPS from your Moto.

Garmin Oregon 400T

I used this GPS on my trip to South America. It held up fairly well considering the conditions in which I used it. In the end, the USB port no longer worked. The touchscreen was scratched and had a few lines that were bad.

When I returned, Garmin repaired the unit under warranty even thought it was a few days past the 1 year warranty period.

Garmin Zumo 660

I've not used this GPS but I know a few that do. While easy to use, it lacks the capability of following and displaying Tracks. If 80% of your travel is on-road then this would be a good pick

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

The STOT satellite GPS messenger powers my Live View page. Several people have told me that they loved checking "where in the world is Jeff". It's also nice to know that with a touch of a button, emergency help will be in the way.

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